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The experiences we design are unlike any other because they are like you in this moment - UNIQUE.

We love to celebrate this irreplaceable moment with a significant space. A space that will be filled with the meaning that you and your community strive for. Maybe that meaning is connection with others or with nature, maybe that meaning is self-discovery and the ensuing self-surprise that can happen in a safe curated experience.


We love adults!

They are naturally experienced and mature! We love to manifest new realities with them in careful and conscious ways, and we are happy to facilitate that through:

Moving the Psyche through the Body, Dance in Nature, Elderhood Parties, Unconventional Singles Events, Sacred Union and Parenthood Ceremonies, Re-Integration Rituals through experiences such as:


We love kids!

They are naturally curious and clever! We love to learn from kids as they discover the world, and we are happy to facilitate that exploration through:

Arts, Film and Music workshops, Discovery Walks, Psycho-Social Activities for Emotional Intelligence, Story-Telling and Writing sessions, Dream and Spirit Journaling, Rites of Passage through experiences such as:

What our experiences look like

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