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About Curious Experiences

The name of our organization comes from Alice in Wonderland by Lewis Caroll. Like Alice, our inner child may be bored with this spoonfed world and we yearn for a wild wonderland to let our souls play freely.

But unlike the story, we wish to provide safe experiences for exploring the edges of our imaginations.

Meet Our Team

Abdul Mati Klarwein 

Visionary Painter, Writer, Filmmaker. Nomad. 

His work was used for the Oracular Tachyon cards.

Amrita Lina Lilinhal

Spaceholder, recording artist, harmonium teacher. Nomad. 

Creative Spirit, dedicated to healing and expansion. 

Breathwork facilitator at Micro-Festival Mujeres al Aire Libre.

Annie Lewkowicz 

Musician, Writer, Transformational Therapist. From Montana. Lives in Spain.

Writer and editor for the Oracular Tachyon cards.

Caterine Milinaire

Photographer, Illustrator, Writer. Celebrations Expert. 

From France. Lives in USA.

Writer and Illustrator of our designed book Liana, the Wandering Vine.

Courtney Williams

Producer, Director, Transcendental Muse. Lives in Oregon, USA.

Lead Actress of our feature film FishFire.

Cumie Dunio 

Singer, Teacher from Mallorca.

Contributed her extraordinary voice and composition skills to our website tranzactivism.org.

Daniel Alzamora Dickins

Visionary Acu-Vibrational Physiotherapist from Mallorca.

Contributed musical massage magic to many 5Rhythms sessions and workshops. Contributing writer for #AskingForIt.

Danielle Vantress Salk

Daphna Lapidot

Evangelos Diavolitsis & Maya Lewandowsky

Galaad Milinaire

Heidi Trudinger

Irwin´s Conspiracy

Iunia / E-Ventology

Jessica Howie

Jill St.Jacques

Julia Wolfermann

Julie Morel

Karen Chapman

Kerry Jo Finney

Lucija Glacolic Hora

Laetitia Bermejo – Painter, illustrator, activist from Europe.

Illustrated our publication Poo Earth and our website tranzactivism.org. Starred in our production FishFire. 

Featured at MicroFestival Arte al Aire Libre.

Marcela Palm

Co-organiser at Micro-Festival Mujeres al Aire Libre.

Marcelina Etchegaray

Mariana Alzamora

Masha Vasilkovsky

Matthew Clark

Nathalie Rubin

Neske Beks

Olivier Garouste

Visudha de los Santos


Donna Henes

Glynis German

Marian Haro

Reverend Shelley Dungan

Sandy Wand

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