Serafine Klarwein


Born in New Mexico, raised in New York City, 

Serafine had the opportunity to travel the world at 7 years of age, accompanying her mother as she documented celebrations and rituals. This intense experience led Serafine to eventually study Applied Anthropology in the World Arts & Cultures program at UCLA and the Sorbonne. 


Serafine took advantage of her privilege to explore her creative side making films in CalArts´ Experimental Animation program. This led her to work in special effects for movies at ExMachina in France and to video jockey with Ya-Ka for musicians, touring Europe.


Settling to raise her child, Serafine turned her focus to inner travels through embodiment and personal rituals. She established a community for regular dance practice after becoming certified in the 5Rhythms. Her activity has since branched out to produce experiential experiences for dancers, activists, children, adolescent, single, elderly and artistic groups.


Serafine founded Curious Experiences to establish a solid base from which to launch innovative cultural projects. Along with a talented team of luminaries, Curious Experiences aims to explore the frontiers of curiosity in the creation of a healthy creative reality.

Curious Experiences
Mallorca, Balearic Islands
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